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Sep 2, 2018

What You See First Reveals What You Secretly Find Most Attractive In Love.

It can be hard to describe the specific personality traits and characteristics we find most attractive when it comes to dating, falling in love and being in relationships, so the psychology behind our reasons for feeling an attraction is one of those things we tend to shrug off when asked about it.
We’re attracted to whom and what we are attracted to, we say. It’s just that simple and there’s not much we can do about it, much as we can’t control what we see when we look at optical illusions, or the results we receive when we take a personality test.
Attraction is such a funny and fickle beast that simply trying to wrap our heads around pinpointing what attracts us most to others can be not a little bit tough.
Our inexplicable attraction to someone may leave friends asking things like “WHY?”, with you responding as best you can by saying something like, “I HAVE NO EARTHLY CLUE!” Because sometimes each of us are drawn to people for reasons that are beyond our understanding.
Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way any more. When it comes discovering more about which strange personality traits mysteriously attract your attention, we’ve got you covered, as this personality test is specifically designed to help you quickly assess which personality traits you are secretly find most attractive, and taking it couldn’t be easier.
Simply look at the picture below and make a mental note of the first image you see.
Then, scroll down to find out what this optical illusions-based test reveals about the personality traits you secretly find most attractive when it comes to love and relationships.

If you saw …
1. The woman on the rock
If you saw the woman on the rock first when you looked at the image, the personality trait you secretly find most attractive is vanity.
You can’t help it. You swoon over someone who swoons first and foremost over themselves. There’s something about their cartoonishly good looks and peacock-esque ways that draws you closer and closer.
Remember that confidence is different than vanity! It’s good to believe in yourself and love yourself, but you have to make room for other people in your heart, too.
2. The man’s face
If you saw the man’s face first when you looked at the image, the personality trait you secretly find most attractive is stoicism.
You are deeply emotional and expressing those emotions is important to you, but you want your partner to be different, someone who sure to be a total rock of support, hiding their own feelings as they help manage yours.
Being strong and supportive doesn’t have to mean shutting down or repressing feelings. You can find a strong partner who is also extremely in touch with how they feel. And frankly, you should be there for them, too.
3. The boats in the distance
If you saw the boats in the distance first when you looked at the image, the personality trait you secretly find most attractive is a fiery temper.
You have a soft spot for people who let their feelings rip through them, both good and bad. Maybe you’re Italian! Or maybe you’ve just seen a lot of movies promoting bad stereotypes of Italians and relationships. Either way, anyone with a temper is someone you’re sure to want!
We all get angry from time to time. If we handle it the right way, it’s completely healthy and normal. If your fiery guy gets this, great! But if his anger ever makes you feel afraid, that’s bad news bears, guys. You might want to change that.
4. The sail boat
If you saw the sail boat first when you looked at the image, the personality trait you secretly find most attractive is rebelliousness.
You envy those adventure-seeking folks who seem to think nothing of leaving all of their responsibilities behind them and heading out into the great wide open!
Their boldness is definitely appealing, but if they are willing to leave it all behind, that could mean leaving you in the dust too. Just something to be mindful of.

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