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Sep 5, 2018

What Does The Forehead Kiss Really Mean and Why It’s So Special.

Something that will make almost anyone melt with joy is the forehead kiss. But why is this specific kiss so special and what does it actually mean?
When I was little, I longed more for a forehead kiss than an actual kiss on the lips. I had seen it done in movies and thought it was the most adorable thing ever. And I wasn’t alone. The thing is, none of us really knew why those were the kisses we wanted most.
I never thought a relationship was official until I had that cute forehead kiss. I even asked a boyfriend to do it more because I liked it so much. There are a lot of people who value this type of kiss above others and I think it has everything to do with the meaning.

Different kisses have specific meanings
Not all kisses are created equal. I think that much anyone can figure out. A kiss on the cheek is much different than a French kiss. And that means each kiss has a specific meaning.
It also depends on who’s doing the kissing. You may get the same type of kiss but it’ll have a completely different meaning coming from someone else. However, with a forehead kiss, it will generally mean the same thing.
What a forehead kiss means and why it’s so special
If you’re a fan of forehead kisses, you’re not alone. For some reason, everyone loves them and wants to get them from the people closest to them. Here’s what it means when you get a forehead kiss and also why it’s so special.
1. It shows they’re thinking about you. A forehead kiss is fantastic because it’s a very small gesture that shows your partner is thinking about you in a cute way. This isn’t to show that they’re thinking about how great your butt looks in your jeans.
They’re thinking about you and how much they care about you. When they’re in that mindset, a kiss on the forehead is what makes them get those thoughts across to you.
2. It shows an emotional connection. Kissing on the forehead has absolutely nothing to do with anything sexual. Your parents and friends and grandparents can kiss you on the forehead and it wouldn’t be inappropriate.
And that’s because a forehead kiss is about emotions. Someone who feels emotionally fond or close to you in that moment will plant a small kiss on your forehead.
3. It’s a quick way to show appreciation. If you want to make your relationship work with anyone, you need to show some form of appreciation. You can’t expect them to stick around if you don’t appreciate them.
Your partner and the people in your life know this. That’s why they give you a small kiss on your forehead. It’s a very quick way to say, “I appreciate you,” without actually saying anything.
4. It’s more intimate than a simple kiss on the cheek. A kiss on the cheek is more common amongst family and friends whereas a forehead kiss is definitely seen more between a couple. Sure, anyone can really give you a forehead kiss, but it’s a little more intimate.
It shows a deeper connection to someone when you give them a forehead kiss. And that’s what makes it extra special. It’s a cute, simple way to be intimate without being gross.

5. It shows you their commitment to you. This may be something that isn’t as obvious, but it’s definitely accurate. When someone kisses you on the forehead – especially in front of other people – they’re showing you how committed to you they are.
They’re basically telling you that they care about you and are in it for the long haul. It’s a very sweet, romantic kiss that means a lot even to the person doing the kissing.
6. It makes you feel loved. This is one of the top reasons a forehead kiss means so much to you. It makes you feel loved and appreciated in such a subtle way. You may not even realize how much you like it at first.
But then you’ll notice when you don’t get those kisses and you’ll miss them. The feeling of love and appreciation you get are addicting and it’ll help solidify your relationship.
7. It forges a deeper bond. When you’re constantly getting the attention and appreciation you need, your relationship can grow and you can strengthen your bond. And forehead kisses do just that.
It may be something small and simple, but it has a very drastic effect on your relationship. Without that feeling of love, you end up questioning your relationship and even your partner’s intentions.
8. It’s more meaningful because they know you like it. How often do you do something specifically because your partner likes it? Not because you do, but because you know they do? If your significant other is aware of how much you enjoy those forehead kisses and they do it simply because of that, it’s pretty special to you. Knowing they care about making you happy is a big part of a successful relationship.
Getting a forehead kiss is beyond amazing. It’s simple, adorable, and more meaningful than most other kisses. Appreciate when your partner kisses you in this way. It means a lot.

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