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Sep 17, 2018

«Safinaz cause the destruction of a wedding hall in Dakahlia (Video)

«Safinaz cause the destruction of a wedding hall in Dakahlia (Video)
The revival of the dancer Safinaz one of the weddings in the city of Dakarnes, Dakahlia province, yesterday evening, a state of chaos and chaos in the streets of the city, and the disruption of traffic in the streets leading to the wedding hall.
The Armenian dancer saluted the wedding of a businessman in the plateau of Badrkans, which caused the people to break into the hall and break the doors in order to enter and watch, while all attempts to secure the hall failed to control the security situation.
Mohammed Salem, a relative of the bride, said that Safinaz received 60,000 pounds to revive the concert, but she was unable to perform her second connection after the parents attacked her and crowded next to her. The Bodyguard managed to get her out of the room
The concert was saluted by Abdel Salam, and the watchful paragraphs continued until the early hours of the morning. The traffic crisis and the crowding caused by the audience of the dancer broke down at dawn on Sunday.
The leaders of the social networking site "Facebook", a video of the dancer, in the ceremony, and seems unable to continue her dance because of the crowds, and the insistence of the audience to take pictures.

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