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Sep 1, 2018

Recycle your old CDs into Beautiful LED Lights

Old CDs are probably very common thing to find in our house. The same happened to me when i checked my computer table where i found out most of the CDs in there are useless and just filling up my drawer space. So i decided to reuse them and turn them into suspended LED lights rather than throwing them way “concept of recycling”.
There wasn’t much to discuss about this circuit diagram. There are totally 4 LEDs – 2 Red and 2 Blue. Resistors R1 and R2 are meant to limit the current and prevent the LED’s from getting damaged. And the circuit was powered by a 12v Battery, in case if you need to change the supply voltage make sure you use the appropriate resistors R1 and R2 as well.
  • First we have to assemble the above circuit together to place it in the CD’s.
  • Cardboard sheets seems to be a perfect material for assembling the circuit and this can be found widely in our house as well.
  • Cut the sheet in a circle so that it can be placed above the inner rim of CD.
  • Insert the LED’s into the sheet and solder with Resistors, wires on the other side of the sheet.
  • The one which i made looks something like this, LEDs placed at the top, wires and resistors soldered at the bottom of it.
  • I have used a thin rope and small pin to suspend this assembly.
  • Now place the set up on the reflecting surface of the CD as i have done.
  • And you are all set to go, powering up can be your choice, battery or adapter that is totally up to you.
  • Connect the wires to the power and ground wires to the power supply.
  • Suspend it from your ceiling and your recycled CD led lights are ready for use.
  • Try adding different color LED’s and see if you can get an interesting combination.
  • Make one or two more units like this and suspend it all in your room, this will make things more cooler.
  • You can also try sticking these CD lights to the wall or try out any new places and positions.
Well you all know the importance of Reuse and recycle of wastes in today’s world and i hope this article will give you a little nudge on doing it. Please try this and share the outcome with me. Also if you have any other recycling ideas using your electronics skills, please share with us, Go Green and say yes to Recycling.


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