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Sep 14, 2018

Man Bras Are Now Officially A Thing, And They Are Actually Really Pretty

We live in a world where we are calling for equality in all areas, however, when it comes to the world of $exy lingerie the options available to men leave much to be desired. An Australia based company has decided that men will no longer be limited to the age of debate of boxers or briefs, launching their own line of fashion-forward lingerie options for the adventurous man in your life!
If you’re looking to shake things up a little in the bedroom, HommeMystere has recently launched a line of lacy, frilly, and colorful lingerie. Sorry ladies, these pretty garments aren’t for you… The company’s products are geared specifically to the unique needs of men that are interested in expressing their own sexuality.
Now, let’s squash one concern right out of the gate. The company is NOT geared specifically to the LGBTQ population, in fact, the company’s owner Brent Krause reports that his typical client is a “married man over 40, with ‘discerning taste’ and disposable income. And American.” That’s right, despite the fact the company is based in Australia, Krause has connected with a US distribution agent, and the bulk of sales are right here in the USA!

“We provide our lingerie for guys. We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, transgender, vegetarian, republican, Anglican, martian or any other persuasion. We just design and manufacture attractive luxury underwear that will fit without crushing your package!” the website explains.
Krause admits that he comes across a lot of skeptics, however, he aims to open doors for those who would like to explore the comfort and beauty of lace and satin. He even chose not to create a presence on Facebook in today’s social media driven society simply to protect his clients, in case they accidentally click the ‘like’ button on the page or an individual post that may reveal their interests to unsuspecting friends, family, and co-workers.
“Men’s lingerie sits in an undefined territory deemed ‘not exciting enough’ for adult stores and ‘too confronting’ for mainstream retail stores,” he states on the website. It is this whole in the market that he aimed to solve when the business was first started, but he could never have predicted their success. Today the company has customers from more than 30 different countriesaround the world, reaching all corners of the globe.
They have a varied product line, all designed by Krause himself, including their biggest Valentine’s Day seller, the crotch-less thong, peek-a-boo bras, teddies, C-strings (a lace sock without straps for the penis), camisoles, and push up bras. What’s the difference between shopping on the HommeMystere website, and visiting your favorite local lingerie shop? Due to the fact that they cater to the male demographic, they are uniquely tailored to suit the typical male body shapes (including a little extra room to ensure that their package is comfortable). Is this the way of the future? It certainly seems to line up with the ongoing equality movement, no?

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