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Sep 9, 2018

If You Experience These 8 Signs You Are A Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy

It seems like the word empathy(y) has become all the rage these days. But, do you know its real meaning? Are you one of the people classified as such?
Empathy is defined as an ability to read and fully understand others as well as to be in-tune with them. In some cases it is voluntary, but sometimes it can be involuntary, particularly for a person who is a natural empath.
Empaths are extremely sensitive people and are often considerate, compassionate, and full of understanding for others. They possess the natural ability to feel what someone else is going through. Interestingly, most natural empathy are not aware of how this works.
The simply feel everything, whether it is others` emotions or energies. Their sensitivity goes to such a degree that it could be described as a superpower. Most importantly, they are highly intuitive, too!

If you are curious to see whether you or someone close is an intuitive empath, read on! Here are a few signs to prove whether you are or not:
1. Dreaming about events before they happen
Have you ever had a dream about events which actually did happen? While this seems like a coincidence, the chances are what you are experiencing is actually nothing but your intuition.
2. Having a feeling about a bad situation, and being right
Having a bad feeling about something or someone is completely normal. However, if it keeps happening and you end up being right about it, it is very likely that it is your intuition at work.
3. You just connect to some people
You talk to a lot of people but there are very few people with whom you can get that special soul connection. They know you for a long time, they understand you. You would not get close to anyone who gives negative energies. You are most comfortable with the ones with whom you feel this soul bonding.

4. You usually end up getting what you want
While others are having difficulties getting what they want, you seem to be fulfilling your goals and realizing your dreams easily.
5. Even a completely silent room seem noisy
You might feel as an introvert because of disliking the crowd but it’s just more than it. There could be a dislike for loud noises too; might hate gatherings or anything which includes too many people or too much of noise. The reason is, in these areas, you are exposed to too many frequencies. Since you are a highly intuitive empath, you can feel these frequencies and too many of them leave you confused and you might even get scared too. Take a deep breath and relax. You just need to tame your intuitive powers.
6. You know when someone’s full of it
You can easily understand others, not by their words but by their gestures, their frequencies and never need a proof to catch a liar. In spite of knowing the fact, that the other person is lying, you don’t always disclose it.

7. You can predict how things work out before they happen
You don’t even need to dream always to see the future, somehow just seem to ‘know’ that it will happen in future. Since you are empath with high intuition, understanding the energies of this universe is your forte. Connecting with these energies giving you the gut feelings.
8. You have to recharge- a lot
Last but not least, you are seen as anti-social as you prefer spending time alone. This doesn’t mean that you don’t like being surrounded by people, rather that you need time to recharge after dealing with so many emotions and energies.

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