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Sep 25, 2018

Here’s What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Happy

Many scientists and experts have devoted their life to answering one single question – what is the meaning of life? However, the answer is still to be found. Even if someone discovers it, can we be sure that the same answer works for everyone? Many experts agree that happiness may be the elusive answer to the meaning of life, and we may have to agree, considering that happiness simply makes our life better.
Reaching a constant blissful state, however, isn’t the same for all people. Happiness and bliss may be in our DNA, but they’re also present in our astral bodies. This information is coded in each of us, but we need to learn how to unlock it. Here’s what makes all of the Zodiac signs happy:

Aries – excitement

The Aries’ vibrations are powered by excitement, so small (or big) challenges are the thing they need to be happy. Aries is a child of fire, and like their father Ares, they are conquerors. They are, however, happiest when they conquer their own fears. If you’re born in the sign of Aries, find a way to conquer your fears and write down a list of challenges that will keep you happy and going.

Taurus – stability

Taurus loves stability and it’s what makes them happy. They despise change even if they need it and want to stay with their feet firmly onto the ground. Once they find a partner they can trust, they devote themselves to them and are truly happy and stable. Trust is highly important for a Taurus – they may be strong, but they are vulnerable from threats. What they need is love and stability, and they will truly be happy.

Gemini – freedom

The Gemini have only one desire in their life – freedom. They’ve been dreaming of it since forever, and they’re trying to become independent from everything as soon as they’re able to. Freedom is what makes them tick and keeps them happy. Geminis are hard to tame – the only thing that can do it are fears and dark thoughts. If they find a way to manage their dark thoughts, Geminis can become great partners to those they trust.

Cancer – continuity

Ah, the emotional Cancer. Being a cancer is not easy – they are emotional, and need emotional security in order to be happy. Cancer loves continuity, no matter if it’s their job, finances or a relationship. As soon as they feel there’s a future in it, they will invest their life into it. If you want a Cancer to be happy, you must allow them the potential for growth. If you’re a Cancer, you should make safe choices to stay happy. You have luck on your side, and it does grow on you, so stay focused on your goals.

Leo – self-confidence

When Leos feel confident, they are radiating happiness and can lift everyone around them. Leos are a child of Light and Sun, and are nearly invincible when they embrace the weak parts of their soul. However, they need to make peace with the fact they’ll never be perfect. They are unique, and it’s a liberating emotion for them. All the pros and cons of these people add to their unique profile, so embrace what you are and you will truly be happy.

Virgo – admiration

Virgos are the Zodiac’s alchemists. They are set to make the world a better place, and recognizing their efforts with a simple “Thank you” is what makes them happy. Virgos can be critical of the world, but they are most critical of themselves. They believe there is room from self-development at all times, and are never resting as they believe there’s always something that needs doing. They will rest when they get a “Thank you”, which will make them happy. Admiration and ethical support is the thing which drive these people forward.

Libra – beauty

Libras are a child of Venus and Aphrodite and they need beauty to stay happy. They live for beauty and affection, and all they want is some harmony in their life. They need their own space for self-expression, and it needs to be quiet and away from the everyday drama of life.

Scorpio – power

Scorpio is a true survivor who can survive everything you throw at them. They’re on a quest for power all their life, and their strength comes from either money, sexual experience or something else. Their true power comes from within, and they eventually learn they need to depend on themselves to be powerful. Once they reach this stage of their life, they become happy.

Sagittarius – hope

A Sagittarius aims higher than everyone else and is guided by hope. They are optimists and need nurturing people close to them to truly feel happy. They have a wise nature that helps them achieve their dreams, and they need hope in order to stay happy.

Capricorn – self-respect

Capricorns have a thick exterior which shields them from getting hurt. They doubt themselves and their life always, and always strive to become better at everything. They are perfectionists who rarely realize how perfect they really are. In order to stay happy, a Capricorn needs respect from the people that surround them. They also need to develop self-respect in order to stay happy and capable of doing anything.

Aquarius – uniqueness

Uniqueness is what drives Aquariuses to be happy. They long for being different than others, are only happy when they achieve it. Just embrace your uniqueness if you’re an Aquarius, and you’ll feel happy.

Pisces – warm feelings

Pisces are an aquatic Zodiac sign who receive stimuli from an ocean of feelings. However, as they’re often unable to recognize the source of the stimuli, they can be lost. When they give up, they travel out of their body to other worlds, which is actually a defense mechanism. Pisces need people around them who make them feel secure – once they feel warm emotions around them, they can lead a happy life.

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