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Sep 20, 2018

Herbal Abortion Methods That Are Safe

How To Abort UNPLANNED Pregnancy Naturally, अनचाहे गर्भ से ऐसे पाए छुटकारा | Boldsky
There is nothing scarier for a woman in this world than to have an unwanted pregnancy. When your mind and body is not prepared for a pregnancy, you should not go ahead with it at all. But once you are pregnant, the only option you have is to go for an abortion. The word 'abortion' is laced with prejudice and legal implications. If only you could have a natural abortion, it would be much easier for most women to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.
Herbal abortion methods are safe and do not have any implications on your future chances of conception. Unlike abortion pills that are basically hormone tablets, herbal abortion methods do not include any chemicals. A natural abortion can thus save your money, embarrassment and lot of hassles. The best thing about using a herbal abortion method is that, it helps you to keep things private which in some cases can be elemental.
Herbal abortion methods work by giving your body a set of herbs that naturally induce a miscarriage. So when you have these herbs, it will be be akin to having a late period. However, herbal abortion methods can only be used within the first trimester. And even within that time span, the chances of inducing a natural miscarriage is only 50 percent.
So here are the herbs that you need for a herbal abortion on your own.


Pennyroyal is the most effective herb to induce a miscarriage. But it can also be a potent poison. So never have pennyroyal essential oil. Instead add dried bits of pennyroyal to a tea infusion. You can have a maximum of 3 cups for the duration 6 days. Make sure not to increase the dosage.


Parsley tea is one of the commonest ways to have a herbal abortion. The herb is easily available due to its culinary uses. And you can have parsley tea as many times as you want. It should show results in 2 or 3 days.

Cotton Root Bark

Dried up cotton roots and broken shredded like tea leaves can be brewed in hot water. This induces the release of oxytocin which is a child birth hormone. So you are liable to have a natural miscarriage.

Blue Cohosh

Blue cohosh is also a herb that can promote the release of the hormone, oxytocin. You need to pick dried bits of blue cohosh and brew it up in a herbal tea. You can have 3 cups of this tea daily but make sure not to have it for more than 6 days.


Mugwort is a leafy plant like parsley. So you can pick the whole plant and dry it up. Then add 1 teaspoon of this dried herb into a cup of water. Brew the tea but do not have more than 3 times a day. Overdosing on this herb can cause renal failure.


Angelica, also known as Dong Quai can cause uterine contractions that results in delayed periods. This herb is most useful when used within 4 weeks of conception.

Black Cohosh

Coming from the same family as the blue cohosh, this herb too can stimulate the release of the oxytocin hormone. This will result in uterine contractions and a miscarriage.


You can consume concentrated Vitamin C in large amounts as it may result in a herbal abortion. Pineapple packs a punch of Vitamin C and that prepares your uterus to start contractions. If you fear an unwanted pregnancy, start having pineapple after unsafe sex or a week before your periods.

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