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Sep 2, 2018

Girls Who Stay Single For Large Periods Of Time End Up The Happiest

Even though they are rarely talked about, there are numerous reasons why young women decide to stay single early in their life. They might be trying to be happy on their own; they might have no apparent reason to look for a partner, and so on. Here are some of the most common reasons why girls choose to stay single for large gaps of time:

Here is why girls decide to stay single for long periods of time:
– These girls know their priorities and dating isn’t one of them.
– They know that friends are more important than romantic partners.
– They do not settle for anything less than they deserve. They look for a deeper and more meaningful connection.
– They’re actually strong women with high standards that not each man can meet.
– They’re smart and know all the dirty tricks men have. That’s why they’re hard to impress.
– These girls have a family and a great circle of friends, so they do not need a partner.
– They have many things to do and think that dating will only make them busier.

In fact, girls that come to the realization that being in a romantic relationship is not the only purpose of existence live happy and healthy lives.
Many women realize when a relationship lacks the potential to work out in the long run, so why waste their effort and time? Others are happy and successful on their own and don’t buy the stereotype which says that they should feel bad for not having a partner.
Specifically, women who decide to stay single are happy as they have the time to reflect on their life and their actions, unlike many people, based on complaints- and to follow a map which they have created to realize both short and long term goals. Probably more than anything, those who remain single tend to be amazingly passionate and dedicated, and they are able to improvise and survive in any situation in life.

In other words, women who stay single for an extended period of time do so not because this is easier for them than looking for a partner, but because they are satisfied and happy with their life to the extent of being focused on so many other things which are more important to them than finding a partner is. These women are not intimidated by the idea of never getting married. But, when women who stay single finally choose to start a relationship, it is typically with a strong man who will push them to achieve even more and accomplish even more success. As a matter of fact, the chances are it will be with a person who is happy and successful on their own, but is open to the idea of achieving additional happiness with a like-minded woman.

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