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Sep 5, 2018

Create Customized Chats with Members in Your Facebook Groups

Create Customized Chats with Members in Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to chat with your Facebook groups members?
Your members and you will be able to create customized chats with selected group’s members. You can build together a list of chats by topic. Your members and you can view and join chats.
It is a cool feature for your group communication and to keep conversations going.
You will see in this article how to:
  • Create a chat
  • View and join chats
  • Manage chats
* Not every group can create a chat. This feature is only available for small groups with no more than 250 members.  

1. Create a chat

Click Chats tab on the left side of your group. Click “Create Chat” button.
In the pop-up window, name this chat. Select members to add them to this chat. Click “Create”.

2. View and join chats

You can view all the chats in the Chats tab. For the chats you created, you can see the name, the last message and the creation date. You can join chats created by other members.
You group members can view all the chats in the Chats tab. They can see the name and the members of a chat they’re not in. They can join chats. They can also create chats.
When a chat is created, there will be a post in your group. Your members and you can click “View Chat” to view or join the chat.

3. Manage chats

In the Chat tab, you can view all the chats. Click “View” to open a chat you’re in.
Click the “close” button to close the chat. When a chat is closed, no one will be able to send or receive messages. This chat will no longer appear in the group, but you can still search for it in Messenger.
In the top of the chat window, click the “setting” button to:
  • Open the chat in Messenger
  • Add files
  • Add friends to chat
  • Edit conversation name
  • Edit participants (view chat members list…)
  • View group options (see how many members in the chat, get the chat link…)
  • Change chat color
  • Mute the conversation
  • Delete the conversation
  • Leave the conversation
  • Create a group for all the members in this chat
  • Create an event

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