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Sep 24, 2018

Choose You Angel’s Wings And Your Greatest Blessing Will Be Revealed

All humans are born with qualities that are brighter and more prominent than others. Angel wings signify the good intentions that lie in a person’s heart.
Choose the wings that you love below and discover just what your blessings are. What you choose reveals the power that you are attracted to and the blessings of your heart.
Scroll down to find out what the wings you chose mean!


#1: The Soul Wings

Blue and raised up, the soul wings signifies an intelligent, old, and a calm soul. If this was your chosen wings, then you have a soul which has roamed the world for long and has identified life like none other. It has been through the good, bad, and the unpleasant but you never let your innocence die. Your true blessings are your radiant soul and a kind heart. Your gentle soul will surely lift you in life.

#2: The Just Wings

Unbiased and fair, you have the sense of justice which is very uncommon. When it comes to making a decision and you find yourself in a place to decide, you integrally take a balanced stand even if it is in contradiction of someone very close to you.
It is very easy to take sides but to be unbiased and proud of it, is something really exceptional. Your sense of right and wrong is your utmost blessing and you’d always find yourself doing the right even when the wrong is easy.

#3: The Love Wings

Fierce, loving, and uncompromising, you have a heart that bleeds love. You’re romantic at heart and you have a lover’s soul. You love without conditions and asking for nothing in return. This blessing may be abused by some people but it doesn’t mean that your heart will stop loving. Love is what you offer as love is what you have. This is your true blessing and its splendor is beyond comprehension.

#4: The Wings of Success

A drive to be successful, a push to prosper, and a relentless desire to be on top of your game is what makes you who you are. Accomplishment matters the most to you because you have what it takes to be successful.
Being the best at what you do is what pushes you further but even in your attainment, you’re rooted in your origins. The craving to succeed is your greatest blessing and your wings have what it takes to become successful

#5: The Wings of Truth

Be honest and your heart will never be frightened. Reveal the truth and your hands will never wobble. You’re the type of person who trusts in living an honest life, making an authentic living, and setting a truthful example. Unluckily your uprightness is not everyone’s cup of tea but you would still say a tough truth and lose a friend rather than sugarcoat a lie just to please them. This is your beautiful blessing that will help you differentiate between your true friends and the false ones. Those who can handle your honesty would never leave your side while those who can’t, will just move away.

#6: The Wings of Hope

You are an optimistic person who is full of life. You hate toxic and negative people because you always have a positive attitude and are hopeful for what the future brings. Hope is your blessing and you thrive on the feeling. You have faith in people and see the best in them.
Your hopefulness and your unbending faith in hope are also transmissible for it not only brings amity to your soul but also to those who come to you for help. Hope is your extreme blessing and it is the hope for best of days that thrusts you in life.

#7: Warrior Wings

There is a warrior in your heart and a saint in your soul. Being calm and gentle is your true nature but you also have the wrath of a warrior which only arises when defied or otherwise triggered.
You’re the protector of those who are in your life and you’re the guardian to those who look upon you. A lethal combination, your warrior spirit, and never-say-die attitude is your supreme blessing and you’re not the one who’ll quit until you have won your fights.

#8: The Wings of A Dream

You’re a dreamer by nature; you breathe the world of your own. You’re somewhat introvert and lost in your own thought. You favor privacy and peace for your contemplations and your dreams are the most significant things in life.
You’re the type of person who makes and created something out of this world that keeps you going. Being a dreamer, an originator, and a thinker, you’re one of those infrequent people who live in your minds. Thus, your mind becomes your ultimate blessings.

#9: The Wings of Desire

Desolate, raw, and passionate, you’re a person of desire. You’re someone who has great wishes in life, who wishes to live larger than life and who would want to have everything at their knack. It is your desire that pushes you and you do all the things you can to make sure you get what you want. This unyielding pursuit of your longings is what sets you apart from anybody else and becomes the utmost blessing which you have been given.

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