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Sep 1, 2018

Arabic tattoos that went horribly wrong

The Arabic alphabet and writing has inspired a lot of people throughout the world. Like the Chinese and Japanese tattoo frenzy that happened in the ’80s and the ’90s, tattoos in Arabic became the new cool thing to do.
What happens when the tattoos go horribly wrong though? Misspelling, along with misinterpretation and misunderstanding of words, can occur and unfortunately for some people, this nightmare has become a reality.
1. “Ma La Yaqtolak Yaj’alak Aqwa” — What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
Image Source:
This tattoo supposedly translates to “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” However, the tattoo artist responsible for this atrocity should have spent some time researching because Arabic letters are connected!
2. “Ana Ma’afen” — I am rotten
Image Source:
This tattoo reads “ana ma3afen” which quite literally translates to “I am rotten.” Yet somehow, the tattoo artist and this person are convinced it means “I appreciate life.”
3. “Wah’da Hayat” — Life One
Image Source:
This reads “wahda hayat” but what it was supposed to read “Hayat wahda” which translates to “one life.”
4. “Baladi Al Shams Faqat” — My country is the sun only
Image Source:
What the girl wanted to have tattooed is “my only sunshine.” Instead, her tattoo translates to “My only country is the sun.”
5. “Moqatel” — Warrior
Image Source:
This dude wanted to have “moqatel,” which means “warrior,” inked. Unfortunately, he neglected to check how to correctly write the word.
6. “Al Jamal Howa al Naqis” — Beauty is shortage
Image Source:
This lovely woman has “al jamal howa el naqs” which translates to “beauty is imperfection.” I am sure it is safe to assume that what she originally wanted to have tattooed is “imperfection is beauty.”
7. “Khatar: Abqa Ba’eed 100 Metir” — Danger: keep 100 meter distance
Not exactly sure why someone would get that tattooed on their body. Permanently.
8. “Hatheh Hadeya” — This is a gift
Image Source:
Translation: This is a gift. Perhaps this guy is referring to his biceps?
9. “Kafer” — Infidel
Image Source:
“Kafer” means “a heathen” or a “non-believer” and is used as a derogatory term against atheists and “infidels”. I am not sure why this dude thought it was a good idea to get that tattooed along with its translation?

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