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Sep 26, 2018

8 Things Life Has Taught Me – Ladies, Pass It On

1. Take the time to really evaluate your goals

Most people spend years of their lifetime on things they don’t ever want. You need to stop for a second and let yourself think about the things you value. But, don’t stop there! Make the changes needed to realize your new goals.
For some women, this could be focusing on their emotional and spiritual goals. For others, it means being a better mother or saving money for rainy days.

2. Stop trying to please everyone

If you are a people-pleaser who tries to keep everyone happy, you know that it is a vicious cycle, leaving you ineffective and frustrated. You have a limited amount of energy, so make sure you spend it wisely!
Sometimes, this would be saying no to family reunions or overtime at work. We all need time to recharge the batteries, and once we start doing it, our sanity and relationships will thank us.

3. Learn to age gracefully

The marketing industry has made a lot of money by persuading women that they aren’t smart, beautiful, or important enough. Once you start appreciating your appearance at whatever stage it is in, you will start feeling much happier.
In a May 2017 interview, Ali McGraw said, “I remember in those early days spending too much time worrying about whether I looked okay. That is really boring. The minute that every single thing is perfect, you’ve lost your s.e.x.u.a.l.i.t.y, as far as I’m concerned. Where’s the juice?”

4. Stop comparing yourself to other people

While not comparing to those in your surroundings can be difficult, the truth is that nobody`s lives are the same as they seem. Instead of comparing yourself to others and destroying your self-esteem, learn to value life. Learn from mistakes, value the good, and find comfort in the bad times.
Ali McGraw said in an interview, ““Perfect…I don’t think it exists. It’s a peculiar obsession. Being a decent human being, interacting and connecting with other people — really, really connecting — is more important than anything.”

5. Don’t wait for recognition

Unfortunately, your work will go unnoticed most of the time, so learn to appreciate yourself . Being grateful to yourself is of utmost importance, opposed to expecting others to show their appreciation. You should also teach your children to be grateful!

6. Seize the day!

Be adventurous! Try out new things! Visit new places! Step out of your comfort zone! Forgive. Love fiercely. Get the most of life!

7. Pass down your stories

The new generation can learn so many things from you and the experiences you have accumulated over the decades. While this seems unnecessary, the truth is that you will be amazed by how many listeners you can gather and how many people will be happy to learn more about you and your life story.

8. Being healthy shouldn’t be stressful

Physical and mental health go hand in hand, contrary to popular belief. If you check your weight daily or feel guilty after each missed workout, you are neglecting an important aspect of your health. In addition to the fact that stress can be associated with a wide range of health issues, the point of taking care of your health is so that you can enjoy life.

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