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Sep 2, 2018

8 Signs You Have A Man Who Will Love You Forever

Everyone says that you can tell when someone is in love. They have a certain glow to them. They smile often and nothing can really get them down because they know everything will be okay again once they see that certain someone.
Unfortunately, not all love lasts forever. Hence, the existence of breakups. No one goes into a relationship expecting to be broken up with, but it happens. Finding Mr. Right isn’t necessarily an easy feat, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who think they’ve found him, these traits may reveal that he’s in it for the long run.

He Listens
The idea that Mr. Right listens to your problems may seem like a given, but it’s definitely important. If your significant other listens to you now in the early stages of your relationship, there’s a good chance he’ll still be there to do so when you’re old and grey.
The catch is that he should be listening always, not solely when your conversations pertain to him. Whether you’re complimenting the way he interacted with your family or venting about the tiniest thing that turned your whole day upside down at work, Prince Charming will be all ears.
He Uses Couple Pronouns
Someone who is truly in love will subconsciously include their significant other when speaking. For example, instead of saying the he, himself will be at his buddy’s get-together, he’ll say, “We will be there.” This not only shows that he’s thinking about you as well, but it also signals that he thinks of you both as a team rather than two completely separate people.
However, there’s a line between joining together as a team and letting your life be consumed by someone else. Mr. Right will navigate that space effortlessly. He’ll talk about you both as a couple, but he also won’t absolve your role as an individual.

He Offers to Help
“Here, let me help you with that.” This sweet sentence is one true sign that your man is a keeper. Love isn’t always about compliments, pet names, and holding hands. If he’s willing to help you solve your problems (even if it puts him out of his way) he’s definitely in it for you.
He’s in Sync with You
Communication is key in a relationship. There’s a reason that phrase is used so often. Communication – or the lack thereof – can make or break a relationship. But communication doesn’t just include words. A good couple will be able to read each other without words. They’re in sync.
If your man is in sync with you, there’s a very good chance he’ll care about you forever. When someone can tell that something’s off with you without being explicitly told, it’s obvious that he’s fully invested in your relationship. It’ll help years from now when your man can tell that you need to be comforted without you telling him.
You’re His Go-To
You know your man will love you forever if you’re the first person his thinks of when he has news. Whether it’s good or bad news, he comes to you first. Being his go-to means that your man actually wants to share his life with you.

He Talks About Your Future
Talking about the future is another clear-cut sign that your man wants to share his life with you. It shows that he doesn’t just think of himself. He wants you in his future, he sees you in his future, and he shares it out loud.
Men who don’t want to talk about the future most likely aren’t even thinking about a future. But if your man asks you what you both should do for Christmas next year or where your ideal honeymoon would be, there’s a very good chance he’s in it for the long run.
His Adoration Doesn’t Falter
Virtually all men adore their significant others when they’re dressed to the nines. But let’s face it: we can’t always be picture perfect. Mr. Right will still adore you when you’re casual, sick, or fresh out of bed at six in the morning.
Loving you forever means loving you when you’re older and getting older isn’t always pretty. If your man shows signs that he can adore you when you’re not all done up, then he’s definitely a keeper.
Confirmation from Others
Obviously, it’s important that your man express his love for you. But hearing it from others means that he has expressed it to other people as well. You can rest assured that Prince Charming doesn’t just say good things to your face.
When your man’s mom is telling you that her son lights up when you walk into the room or his buddies tell you that he’s always talking about you, you’ll know he’s the one.

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