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Sep 9, 2018

4 Ways To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy And Protect Your Energetic Field

If you’ve ever spent some time with a negative person, you know how quickly you can start to take on that negative mentality. Have you ever felt that you wish you had known how to protect yourself from negative energy?
Sometimes, it happens that people don’t even realize they have become negative as a result of being around negative people. And negative people are the worst.
If you are feeling overwhelmed from taking on the negative energy of others, there is a way to stop it from happening.

Here is how to protect yourself from absorbing other people’s negative energy so you can get on with living a more positive and productive life.
1. Take responsibility for yourself.
The way you feel and the things you do is completely up to you. Maybe we’re tested by some of the people who enter our lives, but all things considered, you’re the one in charge of how you feel. You simply must make a conscious decision not to be impacted by the energy of negative people. That’s step number one.
2. Take some time to breathe.
When I’m surrounded by negative vibes, I just pick up and leave and head to the woods. I spend time in nature because it makes me feel purified in a sense. Like all negativity is washed off of me. Once there, I breathe deeply. I smell the air. I let it revitalize me. When I inhale, I breathe in neutral energy. Once mine, I make it good. When I exhale, I breathe out the negative energy. It’s rather therapeutic.

3. Put some distance between you and the negativity. 
Go outside, take a walk, eat lunch in your car: whatever you have to do to give yourself some space away from the negativity and the negative people, do it. Sometimes, all you need is a few minutes to regroup your thoughts and remind yourself that their negativity is not your negativity.
4. Get clear with people
When it comes to managing negative energy and negative people, sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say “no.” The word no has a lot of power that we often take for granted. It can stop someone in their tracks when it is used correctly.
If someone is trying to steal your sunshine, setting limits and boundaries with that person can go a long way to changing the tune of their song when they are around you. You are allowed to tell them to stop.

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