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Sep 14, 2018

6 Reasons Women Leave the Men They Love

Love lets go of inhibitions, boundaries, and walls. In a relationship, love requires work, but it is meant to be a rhythmic dance of ease and grace. Unluckily, if it is not an easy dance, the relationship may end disastrously.

Here’s Why a Woman Leaves the Man She Loves:

1. He isn’t physically there

A woman does not need anyone to take care of her. She wants a partner that’ll appreciate her presence and work along her side. If he’s more interested in spending time anywhere but with her, she’ll cut him loose. She does know it’s over when she does not feel any intellectual or spiritual connection.

2. He’s predictable

Most men set comfortable routines. As they get older, they’re less likely to engage in anything that isn’t about them. That’s why some men go through a huge midlife crisis.
On the contrary, women love serendipitous moments. They must know that they’re important to their men. To a woman, her partner isn’t a fixture. He’s a companion. She must feel that she’s the same to her partner.

3. He does not support her

She wants to know she’s sexy as well as wanted by her partner. For instance, she may experience a life-changing difficulty like beating cancer or any other disease that serves as a reset button, which may push the men out of her life.
She must know that she can navigate these life changes with dignity and strength alongside her partner. If she does not feel supported, she’ll reorganize her life and move on from the relationship.

4. He does not make her feel special

A man is ready when he wants sex, because he’s a sexual creature. But, a woman does need intimacy. She may crave foreplay that may provide the feeling of being totally desired by her partner. She loves spontaneity and romance.
That’s why if a man is just being stimulated by other women or porn, or simply wants to have a release, she’ll be totally turned off. If she realizes that her partner does not make her feel special or desire her, she’ll end the relationship.

5. He isn’t completely present when she’s speaking

There’s nothing more hurtful to a woman than feeling that her man isn’t completely present when she’s speaking. She wants to feel that she’s supported, respected, accepted, and understood. A woman wants to feel a connection with her partner. She loves the simple acts of communication in the relationship.
Doing the laundry, cleaning the house, taking out the garbage, or other things that acknowledge her needs and her presence are exceptional in the relationship. In case she feels she’s being taken for granted, she’ll end the relationship.

6. He isn’t emotionally present

A woman wants to feel that she’s important to her partner. In case her partner isn’t there to support her, there’s no reason for her to continue the relationship. She’s a nurturer and due to that, when she’s in a relationship, she focuses her entire being on the man she loves. On the contrary, a man is more likely to detach when he gets comfortable.
For a woman who deals with the loneliness of being with a man that isn’t emotionally present, the noise may be deafening. She may realize that she doesn’t deserve the feeling of worthlessness, which comes up through the avoidance she feels. If attention and love aren’t reciprocated, she’ll realize she shouldn’t stay in the relationship.

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