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Sep 9, 2018

5 Signs Will Reveal If You’ve Walked This Earth Before And Are Reincarnated (#2 Will Surprise You)

Although reincarnation is rarely discussed, it still exists as a viable option for our souls. It does exist as we are simply no sure of what happens after we die and close our eyes for the last time.
People from all over the world have truly believed in the ability for our souls to pass on to another and then return for yet another chance. This idea can be found anywhere, from Aboriginal myths to religious doctrines of Hinduism. So basically denying this theory as an alternative to absolute death would be to deny the thoughts of millions of people from different cultures.
You might wonder how we can be sure if it is real… Well, there are a couple of things that indicate that we have been around more than one. While the possibility to disapprove these things is present, there isn’t any evidence suggesting that they can be either disapproved or approved.

#1 We Experience Déjà Vu
Experiencing déjà vu is something we all can point to as an unusual occurrence which cannot be explained. Most people have had the moment where they have seen something play out again, but they simply cannot understand how. Scientists have explained this by blaming it on neurological dissonance, whilst other theories have suggested that this is due to the alignment of various universes. It is still extremely strange, particularly if it is the kind of déjà vu which happens when you have never met those around you or been to the place you are seeing.
#2 We Have Dreams
Yes, dreaming is common for every single person on this planet, but some dreams can be so strong that they could be more of memories than just dreams. The easiest way for the memories of our past lives to expose to us is through our dreams. Therefore, if you have some particular dream reoccurring over and over again that one might be a memory from your past life.

#3 We Have Bizarre Memories
There are cases of young kids having bizarre memories that the family swears did not happen. Sometimes these memories turn out to be insanely accurate. Maybe a little boy has a memory of being murdered, and this memory leads investigators right to the body of a man murdered years ago? That is all the proof of reincarnation that I need. If you have memories that do not seem to be real, then they may actually be from a completely different life.
#4 We Have Odd Fears and Phobias
Intuition is the ability to “tap” into an innate knowledge. It is believed that the more mature our souls become, the easier it is for us to draw upon this universal knowledge. If you have strong intuition, it is likely that your soul is becoming mature, which means that you have lived through several lives.

#5 We Sometimes Have Strong Intuitions
Seeing something before it happens is actually experiencing a form of intuition. This is something more than historical or scientific- it is something more inner-reaching. It is a connection which connects as all, through life and death.
There are probably, even more, signs that prove reincarnation, but if you have experienced some of these 5 then it means that you have been on this planet many times before. No matter what kind of beliefs you have, you cannot deny that these 5 signs exist. Maybe number 4, the bizarre memories, is the one that will make you a strong believer that this thing called reincarnation is actually real. I wish this list will help you find some of the answers you have been searching for.

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