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Sep 20, 2018

25 Habits You Might Have As An Adult If You’ve Experienced Childhood Emotional Abuse

If you had a rough childhood, then emotional abuse might play a big role in your personality. The results of abuse can cause these detrimental results to show up in your personal life.
Your experiences growing up literally create who you are. If you had a rough childhood it can be a curse.
You may never fully recover from the stress you’ve had to deal with as a kid. With some people, it even leads to mental illness and serious issues.
If you’ve been abused emotionally you aren’t alone. Reach out to someone and talk about it. Get those negative memories off of your chest with the help of a friend.
You honestly might not even be aware of how much it’s really affecting you as an adult. You might not see it, but you can pay attention to the warning signs and make a change in your life!

1. You’re Always On Edge

Loud noises just seem to make you jumpy. You’re always overreacting to sudden changes and it makes you feel like you’ve got to get away from everything. You’re always getting scared and upset.

2. You Can’t Take A Compliment

The whole time you were growing up people pointed out your flaws and mistakes. You don’t believe any compliment you get.

3. You’re An Overachiever

You never feel like you are good enough unless you do everything perfectly and better than everyone else. You’ve got to prove to the world that you’re worth loving.

4. You Think You’re Wrong

You always think you’re wrong. You don’t trust yourself or your own judgement. This makes it hard to stick to your decisions.

5. You Apologize For No Reason

Saying you’re sorry is more common than saying hello in your vocabulary. You apologize constantly and feel like everyone is annoyed by it. You even apologize when you don’t mean it.

6. Anti-Social

You hide in your house and don’t go outside often. The majority of your friends only see you on social media or some online forum. You don’t interact because you have trouble understanding body language.

7. You Trust No One

If someone throws you an olive branch You don’t care. No one can be trusted. You feel like they are all out to hurt you or let you down. You don’t think anyone cares about integrity.

8. Afraid Of Having Kids

You mainly just don’t think you are responsible enough to be over another human being. You don’t have confidence in your ability to keep a child safe.

9. You Wear Masks

Whenever a talking point comes up in a conversation you never express anything. You just agree with everyone else or stay neutral. You never let anyone know what you really think.

10. People Think You’re Rude

All of that defensive posturing is perceived as rudeness. People get mad at you and you don’t really know why. It’s not your fault. You’re just closed off.

11. True Love Isn’t Real

Unconditional love is a fairy-tale as far as you’re concerned. You’ve never been able to accept that a significant other is honest with you.

12. You Brown-Nose Your Boss

Anybody that’s in charge gets special treatment from you. Every action you take is to get their attention and approval. You need to impress authority figures.

13. No Is Hard To Say

You find it hard to turn down any favors. You can’t say no to anyone. It’s a fear of rejection.

14. You Don’t Look To Anyone Else For Help

You know help isn’t free. No one is willing to do anything for you without getting something back in return. That’s why you don’t invest much time in close friends, but tend to just have lots of acquaintances instead.

15. The World Is Against You

It would be a serious case of paranoia if you didn’t have a slither of facts to justify your opinion. The whole world is making plans against you. It’s like a conspiracy that you are at the center of.

16. You’re Awkwardly Shy

It’s not a cute kind of shy either. You could see someone of your conversations making it into a cringe compilation online. You just stay quiet with friends and pretend like everything is fine.

17. You’ve Got A Bad Side That You Keep Secret

The way you act when you’re alone is different. If you got everyone you know together in one room to ask them who you are, then they would all have a completely different version.

18. You Aren’t Good Enough

You don’t get any satisfaction no matter how many accomplishments you achieve. Nothing fulfills you’re need to be important. It’s never enough.

19. You’re Convinced That People Don’t Care About You

You’re closest friends could care less about you. You’ve always got to be in the spotlight. If they aren’t at your call every second of the day, then they obviously don’t love you.

20. You Can’t Look Anyone In The Eyes

It’s not that you couldn’t do it if you try. You just always catch yourself looking away. It’s almost like it’s wrong to look at someone in the face.

21. You’re Depressed

Everything has just rolled up into a big ball of sadness in your life. Little problems feel like mountains.

22. You Can’t Stand Up For Yourself

When someone does you wrong you can’t just send them on their way. You have to find someone else to do the dirty work for you. You send somebody else to deliver the news every time you go through a breakup.

23. Everything Is Your Fault

All day long you blame yourself for every little detail. If something goes wrong you honestly feel like it’s your fault.

24. You Don’t Know What You Want

You have serious trouble trying to figure out what you are. You can’t really understand what you really want out of life, or you you are inside.

25. You Hide Behind Screens

You find yourself lashing out on people through the internet, yet in real life you are scared of everyone.
Do these qualities fit you or someone you know? Ask your friends if they ever see you acting like this and reach out for help. You can do it!

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