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Sep 19, 2018

15 Real Psychological “Mind Tricks” That Will Help You Get What You Really Want

Every single human being is one of a kind. People are like an ocean with unexplored depths. However, psychologists have made a consensus about human behavior and nature which shows a pattern which applies to the general population.
There are some psychology tricks which work on everyone. We hope that these tricks will help you to engage better with people in everyday life.

Psychology Tricks You Must Know About

#1 If you want your kids to consume their vegetables you should have the right approach. Don’t ask them if they want broccoli instead ask them if they are going to have 3 or 6 stalks of broccoli. In that way, they will think that they have a choice.

#2 When in crowded area look in front of you. You should do this if you feel it is stuffy. Look in the way you are going. According to where our eyes are focused you are going to navigate the direction of other people.
#3 In case you want others to agree with you or think that you believe them, all you need to do is nod while they are talking. This is a universal indication of truth and honesty. Use it wisely!
#4 Get your hands warm before you shake hands with someone. Warm hands inspire positive links of honesty and friendship. On the other hand, cold hands do the opposite.

#5 In case you need someone to help you use the phrase “ I need your help with ..” Remember that all people hate feeling guilty so in order to avoid this they will help you. Also, most people love the feeling they get when helping others.
#6 If you want to discover whether a person likes you or not, you need to pick a word and every single time they use it you need to smile, nod and give them positive feedback. If they like you, they will start using it more often.
#7 Asking questions is an effective way to make someone like you. The most natural thing to do is ask them some questions about themselves. The truth is that people love to talk about themselves.
Make sure they are in the right mood when you ask them.
#8 If you believe that someone is watching you, you should yawn and look around. If they are looking at you, they will most likely yawn as well. That’s because yawning is highly contagious.

#9 If you want to make others believe that you are a good listener you should echo back the things they say with paraphrasing. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Just repeat the vital stuff.
#10 If you want others to believe you in what you say, every time you share some info with them just tell them that your mother or father taught you this. It turns out that people tend to believe in the wisdom of parents.
#11 Surely it has happened to you not to be able to get a certain song out of your head. In order to get rid of it, you need to concentrate on the end of the song.
It is important to finish the song since our brain recalls the things that we have left unfinished.
#12 Do you want to become a part of a specific group of friends? Well, then you need to pay close attention to when these people laugh.
Why? Because when a certain group of people laughs they instinctively look at the person in the group that they feel most connected with. So you will know who is the favorite one, and who has feelings for who.
The next time something funny happens, watch where everyone glances.

#13 If you know that someone doesn’t like you, but you want to bridge that specific gap, what you need to do is ask them if the would borrow you their pencil.
They may not like you, but they want to be nice, so most probably they will want to borrow you their pencil, and this can break the ice. Afterward just thank them politely, look at their eyes, and there will no longer be tension between you.
#14 Where you sit is essential. Why is that? Because if you expect to have a conflict with a particular individual, the choice of where to sit can have a significant role in this.
In case you expect to experience conflict with someone, you should sit next to them and not across from them. The person that is right next to you is actually less likely to be threatened.
This is a handy technique for conference rooms and family dinners.
#15 Don’t allow people to interrupt you. If another person tries to talk over you loudly, what you should do is continue talking. However, you shouldn’t lower or raise your voice, speak in the same tone.
Most likely they will feel awkward and back down.

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