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Sep 24, 2018

12 Signs He Is Not In Love With You, You’re Just Convenient…. BE CAREFUL!!!

It’s time to let him go. You deserve someone who wants to be with you and only you.
You are not quite sure whether he loves you or you are just convenient at the moment? Read this and you will soon find out the truth.

1. He only knows you on a surface level

You like to think you know each other really well, but truth be told, you don’t. If you were to quiz him on the kind of information most couples know about each other, he’d fail. He knows you, but he doesn’t know the real you — the you that exists beneath the surface.

2. He keeps in touch with his ex(s)

This is a red flag. If he’s over his exes, then why the hell does he maintain conversations? Obviously, he’s not completely devoted to you, because if he was, he’d never disrespect you by keeping his old flames on the back burner.

3. He never opens up emotionally

If you imagine that he’s not opening up, then that’s probably the case. When you’re not interested in someone, you don’t usually bother expressing yourself, mainly because you haven’t emotionally invested yourself in them. He’s not interested in your opinion.

4. He never seems concerned about you

Couples are there for each other. This isn’t even a requirement; it’s just what comes naturally. When you care about someone, you show concern. But he doesn’t. He seems to never have his emotional focus directed at you at all, actually.

5. He never looks like he cares where the relationship is going

When you try to talk about the future, he’s far from invested. It’s like he doesn’t even care. He seems perfectly comfortable keeping his attention on the present, and you can almost get a sense of hesitation if you bring up anything about the future.

6. He always walks out on arguments

Couples argue, and that’s OK. But with him, arguments are more of a nuisance than anything else. Whenever they happen, it’s like he can’t be bothered. If you’re going to start something, he’s going to start walking away.

7. He spends more time with friends than you

Friend time is totally healthy in a relationship. A bit of distance can do wonders. But the two of you are hardly ever hanging out, and that’s because he’s always off with friends. If he doesn’t want you, that’s fine. You can break up. But he never makes any mention of that.

8. He only seems close when he wants s*x

There are those moments when you really think that he’s the one. But the more you think about it, you realize that he’s only like that right before the two of you have sex. He has goals in this relationship, and they all seem to revolve around getting laid.

9. You sometimes feel like a stranger around him

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship where you feel a knot in the pit of your stomach. Something is off. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but when the two of you are together, you seem like strangers. This happens occasionally, and it’s not telling of something positive, that’s for sure.

10. You have never met his family

If he were excited about being with you, he’d be excited about showing you off. But if that isn’t happening, then it’s a justified reason to wonder. You and his family don’t need to meet, in his eyes, because it doesn’t serve any genuine purpose.

11. He never seems invested in the moment

When people don’t care about what they’re doing with someone, they most likely don’t care about that particular someone. This is the case with you. He doesn’t seem invested because his mind is on other things; things that have his attention far more than you do.

12. You have just got an overall bad feeling

Sometimes, especially when you can’t put your finger on something, it’s best to just go with your gut. If something feels wrong, it may actually be wrong. If he seems like he doesn’t care, then he may not actually care.
What do you think? Do any of these signs ring true with a relationship you’ve been in, or maybe one you’re currently in…?

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