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Sep 17, 2018

10 Bedtime Habits Of The Happiest And Strongest Couples

Can a relationship survive and make both partners happy in this fast-paced world we all live in? How much time can we really set a side to work on our relationship, help it grow and evolve? Can we have a healthy and happy relationship nowadays? Well, experts say yes, everything is possible, as long as you make an effort to see it happen.
We know that there are many happy couples out there, strong relationships and we often wonder how do they do it? Well, if you ask them they’ll all tell you one thing, happiness is not something that comes naturally, no matter how long the relationship is, you have to invest in it if you want to make it last. You need to work hard on it and commit to its development, as a couple, with joint efforts, otherwise it can all fall apart rather quickly.

Many happy couples in long-lasting relationships realize that the time they have during the day is limited, we only have that much hours in a day, so they have to make it a habit to dedicate some time of that day to one another. Many couples also admit that the time before going to bed is best spent with your partner and the little things they do before bedtime are the things that make their relationship stronger. Those precious few minutes before dozing off to sleep can make a lot of difference and make your relationship last longer, evolve and get stronger.
Here are the best bedtime habits all happy couples practice before going to bed and the routines you should adopt if you want to make your relationship stronger:

1. There’s no room for stress and worries in the bedroom

According to studies, couples who never talk about the stressful day they’ve had and the financial worries they think about in the bedroom are happier and more intimate. This shouldn’t surprise us, as a matter of fact, because stress talk is not a good foreplay. Of course, that you should always have your partner’s support on every matter but let’s leave the stress and worries out the front door and make the bedroom a sacred place of love and positivity.

2. Never leave an argument unresolved

You know how they always say you should never go to bed feeling angry? Well, this couldn’t be truer, especially if that anger stems from an unresolved argument. Find a compromise to meet each other half-way on whatever issue you were arguing about earlier in the day and don’t let those negative feelings pile up. They can erupt when you least hope for and ruin your relationship over time.

3. Try to go to sleep together

This may sound silly but there’s something comforting in falling asleep with someone you love at the same time. Whenever possible, try to synchronize your schedules and go to bed at the same time.

4. Don’t forget to complement each other

Remember pillow talk? Yes, couples who’ve been together for a long time tend to forget to say nice things to each other, time can do that in a relationship. But use the time before going to bed to give your partner compliments and receive some as well. Tell your partner how much you love him, how much he means to you and how much he completes you. It will make a world of a difference!

5. Start some bedtime routine you’ll both look forward to

It can be anything you like, as long as you follow it to the letter. It will give you and your partner something to look forward to before going to bed and something that will brighten up your day just before it ends.

6. Don’t forget to talk to each other.

It often happens that you don’t get to exchange a single word with your partner throughout the day. But make it a habit to talk to one another just before the day ends. Have deep, meaningful conversations in the most sacred place of your house, the bedroom and allow yourself to open up and feel secure at the same time.

7. No TVs, laptops and mobile phones in the bedroom

Make your bedroom an electronic-free zone and your life will become much better. You’ll have nothing else to distract you and you’ll just enjoy in each-other’s company.

8. Sometimes all you need is a cuddle

Sometimes no words are needed, all you need is a few moments of physical intimacy, a little bit of romance and everything will be fine. Your relationship will benefit from these precious moments of intimacy and grow stronger.

9. Avoid arguing before bedtime

Anything that can turn into an argument is a forbidden topic before bedtime. All the controversial or confrontational topics should be put on hold until the next day.

10. No drinking or smoking in the bedroom

And finally, according to science, alcohol and nicotine before bedtime are a nasty habit, they can disrupt your sleeping patterns and ruin your beauty sleep. Try to refrain from these two in the bedroom if you want to wake up feeling good and rested.

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