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Apr 4, 2019

The Way You Squeeze Your Toothpaste Can Say Something About Your Personality

Psychologists say that 40% of your actions are not conscious decisions but habits. What you consider to be insignificant actions actually make up your daily routine and they’re a huge part of your life and they can reveal a lot about your personality and your current mental state.
We figured out how the way you squeeze your toothpaste characterizes you. Find yourself in the list below to get to know yourself better.

1. Carefully Squeezed and Rolled from the Bottom Up

Methodically. Hardworking. Off plan. Your tube of toothpaste is carefully and carefully squeezed around the lid, starting at the bottom to make sure it is tidy and used. You can bend or roll the tube as it empties – you can even use a small clip to tie it to make sure it stays flat and flat. Whatever the details: if you keep a decent and effective toothpaste tube, you are probably organized, goal oriented and a natural leader with a nature of trust that your friends appreciate.

2. Top-Squeezed

Open the lid and press from the top!
You are determined, perhaps economical and pay attention to the small details. You are autonomous and can adapt to all situations. It’s an impressive quality until you take people in your life for granted!

3. Middle-Squeezed

Open the lid and push it in the middle, it will save you a lot of time!
You are always in a hurry! But you are also the realist. You do not believe too much in planning and can prepare for any challenge in seconds! You are able to maintain the right balance between your social and personal life!

4. Seemingly Squished From All Directions

Open the lid and press on the spot of the tube you just took. The goal is to get the right toothpaste?
You prefer to spend your time brushing! If this describes your approach, you are someone who has an overview, who can prioritize and who has a pleasant and receptive atmosphere that others like.

5. Mixed Strategy- Started Neatly and Now Oozing

Your tube will be depressed flat because you have started a new tube of toothpaste with the best intentions in the world. However, after the first careful bending, your tube will be squeezed in several places and it may have one or two sticky pastes on the cap and tube.
You are flexible and open-minded and tend to live in the present moment. People who enjoy being in the middle of the public can perform multiple tasks at once and perform tasks within a given time frame.

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