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Oct 8, 2018

I Know It’s Hard, But When Someone Decides You’re Not ‘The One’, You Move On

Heartbreaks, losses, breakups we’ve all been through one.
It feels like suddenly your whole wide world, everything you’ve built, everything you fought for is now crashed into tiny pieces and eventually turned into ashes.
There’s nothing more painful and gut-wrenching than ending a relationship you that thought was a two-way street. There’s nothing more hurtful than knowing that your partner’s feelings about you are changed. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than realizing that you’re simply not the one.

But, when someone cold-bloodedly suddenly decides to cut you off and erase you from their world, don’t let them force you to question yourself.

Have respect for yourself enough to simply back off and focus on your life. Say everything you have to say. Make yourself clear, but don’t hang around, don’t look back, and don’t let the sorrow take you down the gutter. I know it hurts like hell, but try to get a hold of yourself and continue doing what you were doing.
Don’t put the blame on yourself. Don’t convince yourself that you’re the reason for this devastation. Instead, find a way to comprehend their decision and understand that it was never about you.
When someone says they don’t love you any more or you’re not right for them, that’s what that statement means. It’s not because you’re unlovable or not good enough. It just means that one door is closing and thousands of others are waiting to be opened.

I know it is painful, but when someone decides you’re not the one for them, be brave to let them go.

Love yourself enough to stop chasing after someone who decided to part ways with you. I know that your heart is wounded, and your ego is bleeding, but let this be a closure to you.
Be strong enough to control your urges that force you to get back to the place you once belonged. Don’t give in to your weakness. They made themselves very clear, you’re not the right for them. So, maybe that’s true. But, you’re too hurt to see things clearly. Give it time.
Save your dignity and protect yourself from going after the things that are not meant for you. More importantly, preserve your energy. If that relationship was meant to survive, you would have ended up together.
So, please don’t let this intimidate you from searching for your source of happiness. You will never know what life has in store for you.

When a person decides that you’re simply not the one for them, make sure to let go of everything that connects you with them, hurts your being and focus on yourself instead.

Don’t waste your precious time and energy on people who are no longer worth it. Don’t spend your life fixing relationships that will never make it through. Don’t bother to glue up a glass vase that was once broken. That’s gone. It’s shattered. The glass turned into aches and faded away.
Your business there is finished. You can say everything you wished to share with them, but at the end of the day, the decision they make will depend on them.
You may cry, wonder how insensitive people can be, scream your lungs out and grieve, but the reality still won’t change itself.
So, please. Have respect for yourself to let it all go and let life be. I promise that soon you’ll understand how this is a blessing to you. You are now hurt and blind to the truth, but pretty soon you’ll realize that you’re stronger than you thought and great things are always ahead of you.

It’s painful as hell, but when someone decides you’re not the one, you have to move on.

You have one life to live, so please don’t waste in vain.

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