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Sep 19, 2018

The Way You Make A Fist Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

The way you clench your fist can reveal a lot about your character. In order to reveal your personality, all you have to do is make a fist and scroll down to see what your fist has to tell you.
A) Fist Type One

If you clench your fist like the hand in the photo, it is usually believed that the main characteristics of this type of people are: intuition and imagination. They can appreciate in you generosity to collaborate but in situations certain insecurity, you see enthusiastic, curious, exploratory, impatient, tenacious in search of your own interests because you do not like to remain with doubts.
However, they consider that these people have a great sense of humor that captures everyone’s attention, which is why they are always surrounded by people.
But in reality, you enjoy your honesty because you are not a person who walks around to say something, you always show security in you and your actions , you are kind, respectful, noble and kind and therefore many people take advantage of it.
But it does not affect you because you are observant enough to recognize who comes to you out of interest or not.
In the loving part, when falling in love they lack feeling because they are very reserved, although the love represents something important for them, put it in the background because the dreams happen to be the priority.
B) Fist Type Two

If you clench your fist like the hand in this photo, it means you are a truly creative person. You’re outgoing and attract a variety of people. Your friends love you for sincerity and sharp mind and you’re extremely self-confident.
You’re also diligent and prompt, and that makes you both a live wir among your friends and a good business leader. However, your fear of failure often stops you from taking bold decisions as it can greatly hurt your feelings.
You often need approval and praise. You need to learn to never stop believing in yourself even when no one says how good you are. After all, it is possible that you just happened to be surrounded by people who are jealous of your success.
C) Fist Type Three

If you close your hand and put all your fingers on the thumb, it means you’re an incredibly charming person: You’re witty and eloquent but somewhat shy, and that’s why these quality can’t be fully manifested. Because of this, many people consider you taciturn and unwilling to communicate.
You’re thoughtful and pedantic and sometimes demand too much from yourself, leading to excess anxiety. You’re a person with vision and strive for nothing to disturb your inner harmony.
Your close people feel very comfortable with you. Sometimes you feel unbearably sad at the thought that you won’t be able to easily build your relationships, join a new team or become a people person.
But in reality all you need is to become a bit more flexible and friendly,and people who previously were afraid to approach you will immediately try to associate with you.
Now do you see how extraordinary it is to have knowledge of non-verbal language?

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