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Sep 27, 2018

6 Things Strong Women Never Tolerate In Relationships

Once you’ve entered into a relationship with a strong, independent woman, your next step might be wondering how to keep her. She needs enough space to be able to spread her wings and do things on her own, but giving her that space can be intimidating. The key is to trust her enough that once she’s done saving the world, she’ll come back to you at the end of the day.
A strong woman has high standards and clear morals. If you can’t respect her, she’ll move on. If you’re in a relationship with a strong woman, here are six things she absolutely will not tolerate:

1. Disrespect

Respect goes both ways in a relationship. Disrespect is the most terrible thing you can do to sabotage your relationship with a strong woman. A strong woman knows her worth, and she will not tolerate being treated disrespectfully. This can mean abusing her not just privately but to make it worst, in public too.
Also, trivializing her opinion surely counts as disrespect. All of us are entitled to a respectful attitude from our better halves. The best thing a man can do is treat her the way he wishes to be treated. Of course, it’s difficult to estimate what a woman expects from a man. We are all different. In order to avoid complications, it’s advisable to communicate as much as possible to know what makes both of you feel good.

2. Trying to Control Her

When one partner tries to control the whole relationship, things shift out of balance and can get ugly quickly. A strong woman is used to taking care of herself and handling things on her own, so don’t try to make decisions for her or take the reins in every aspect of the relationship. This doesn’t mean she wants total control either; there should be an equal balance between the two of you, along with excellent communication.

3. Pushing Her Boundaries

Knowing and respecting your partner’s morals, values, and personal boundaries are extremely important. Strong women know their self-worth, and they have no problem saying “no.” She will never tolerate someone who tries to break her values or morals for selfish reasons. She will expect better from you, and if you can’t respect her boundaries, she’ll move on.

4. Treating Her as Less Than Your Equal

Treat the woman in your relationship as your equal in every way. If she needs your help, she’ll be humble enough to ask for it. Don’t assume she can’t do something and don’t let income, education, social status or gender play a leading role in your relationship.

5. Being Negative Toward Her

Everyone has a bad day every once in a while, but a strong woman knows how to push past it and get back up on her feet when she falls. Being stuck in a negative state isn’t just unattractive, it pulls down the people around you. If you are constantly negative toward your partner and her ideas, thoughts, and opinions, she won’t tolerate it for long.

6. Not Supporting Her

‘There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer’ – Marilyn Monroe
Do not think that a strong woman will continue to tolerate a partner who has no interest in helping her achieve her dream. For that matter, she doesn’t want you to stomp on her heart either. Be supportive of her desires or a strong woman will be looking to leave the relationship. If you don’t have her back and actually believe in her and motivate her she doesn’t need you in her life.
Strong women value most the people who can take her the next level and help her to see things she might not be able to, help her to do things she wondered if she could. As confident as she is, sometimes she will fluster and it’s up to you to help her. Remind her, her worst mistake isn’t who she is but something she can learn from. If you aren’t going to support her and be by her side through her achievements, she’ll find someone else who’s willing to be standing in the front row, happy to watch her succeed.
Source: David Wolfe

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