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Jun 29, 2019

The reason why IU came out on 'Hidden Singer' was because of kimchi udon?

Posted by jennywill
Jun Hyun Moo talked about how he got IU to be on 'Hidden Singer'.
He was a guest on 'Knowing Brothers' on the 29th, and he revealed, "The staff wanted to get IU. They had already gotten all the participants, and it would have been amazing if she came out. But IU was on break at that time, so she wasn't accepting their request to come out."
He then revealed, "I knew IU's number so I called her and asked how she was doing. We met at Chungdamdong and I asked her what she wanted to meet, and she said she wanted kimchi udon. She seemed to really enjoy it. I asked her why she wasn't going on broadcast lately, and she replied, 'You're here because of 'Hidden Singer', right? She flustered me, but I told her honestly that there were people waiting for her to come out. She thought quietly for a bit and then said she would come out. I was so grateful."

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