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Apr 13, 2019

Strange & Outrageous Wedding Dresses

Wedding, one of the moment in your life where all eyes are on you! You are the center of attention, and everyone celebrates you, your soulmate and your marriage day. But sometimes, some women, take it too far and stretch all reasonable limits known to our kind. They pull so unorthodox and exaggerated fashion choices that the wedding album should be published on Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. We give you some of the most unusual, different and weirdest weddings dresses ever spotted. So what do you think? Which one is the best, the worst and the ugliest?
wedding version 2


This one currently has the body for it, but maybe your wedding day should be more about tradition and a classic look? No, what’s the fun in that.
vegas bride

This wedding outfit is pretty much your birthday suit and although we can appreciate the unconventional style of going commando and just bare naked, some of the guests may feel a bit awkward. With the money you save for choosing this dress code, you can invest in hammering the wedding party.

no need for cloths wedding

This blushing bride has a taste for the sweet, and she has taken it the extra mile for her wedding day and her wedding dress. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate is a luxury sweet treat, not sure it’s the first choice for walking down the aisle.

sweet bride


No wedding day is complete without an over the top wedding cake that no one gets to eat. This bride combined the two essentials: dress and cake for a perfect match made in heaven or hell, you’ll be the judge.

wedding cake dress


This bride is ready to go and get hitched, and she is also very environmentally conscious and pro-recycle. This is a bit stretching the limits on the reuse of materials, but given it was taken during a Midburn festive, this is actually a normal clothing option, even for a wedding.

wedding dress made of forks


Flames on your wedding dress are a way of declaring to the world “I’m sizzling hot and marring a biker”. But, seriously, this does look more like a Halloween costume rather than a special day, wedding gown.

wedding dress with flames


Speaking of biker chicks, this bride has taken it an extra step and gone from edgy to doggy in a split second, as long as she’s happy – rock on.

biker wedding dress


This bride is a true survivor, and you know what? So is the groom as this is a survivor theme wedding, and maybe this is a true reality show survivor we just don’t recognize, either way, maybe it’s better as a theme party and not so much for a wedding?

survivor theme wedding


This camouflage twisted haunters gown is not what you have in mind when you think “wedding dress”. Guess this is another theme wedding gone slightly wrong. Hope a couple that hunts together stays together otherwise, this marriage can end up in a mess.

hunting theme wedding


This dress with 3 balloons and white flowers doesn’t look festive, it just looks a bit on the wired side and the first dance will be super uncomfortable for the newlywed.

inflated dress


These two dresses may look wedding wordy from afar but if you look closely, you might see it’s not made of fiber or delicate materials, it’s actually rubber – the stay protected sex kind. Not sure what kind of statement it is for a girls wedding day, but it could educate the youth.

condoms wedding dress


This rose is a rose no manner how you want to call it, but for a wedding dress, we can just call it a bad judgment call. This is a case of try to be clever, gone off the rails and someone should tell this duo that orange is not the new black.

ugly wedding dress with a rose


How to save money on your wedding? Especially on your wedding dress? This couple nailed it and have sponsors! Get the biggest names and brands out there and publish your endorsements on your wedding dress, brilliant, how come no one thought of it before?

sponsored wedding dress


Some brides prefer the luxury Haute Couture wedding gown, but this one of the runways just seems like a cotton ball. It shows that expensive doesn’t always mean chic.

Haute couture wedding dress


When the knitting frenzy hits runways and weddings across the world, you know you have a problem. This cocoon wedding dress is inspired by a Russian nesting doll, and that doesn’t explain which blushing bride will adopt this fashion trend.

Knitted cocoon wedding


This dress is actually no dress, and this groom suit is no suit, this newlywed thought it will be a good idea to have an artist draw their wedding outfits on them. When their future kids look through the wedding album it is going to get awkward.

body paint wedding outfits


This cupcake bride is, wait for it, the waiter at the wedding, this could be stealing the thunder from the bride on her special day. Good thing there are carbs lying around, with yami frosting.

cupcake bride


This British bride really wanted to feel like a princess, a real-life Cinderella for her wedding day, and the result is not just over the top dress but also over the top – ride. This carriage is maybe taking it a bit too far. But as long as she’s happy everyone’s happy.

fairytale wedding


This Russian bride and groom are tying the knot but, something went wrong, apparently, the blushing bride has missed her last dress fitting and the result is less than flattering. To make matters worse, there’s a wedding album in the making, capturing all these embarrassing photo-opp moments.

wedding dress not fitted


Most little girls want to be princesses, especially when they are all grown up and search for a stylish look for their wedding day. This bride has taken the princess theme for a spin and turned up at her wedding looking like Princess Fiona, and her future hubby as Shrek. We commanded them for putting themselves all in with this twisted theme.

shrek wedding theme


This bride is a true patriot, an American patriot. But maybe, just maybe they are better ways to show support and love for your homeland, other than wearing an all American strips and stars wedding gown that is wordy of a Fourth of July celebrations, or Columbus day.

american flag bride


While there’s a new trend of trashing your wedding dress for wedding photos and then replacing it with another one for the ceremony and the party, this one doesn’t look part of this trend, this belongs to a different geeky frenzy of paintball activity crossing over to wedding day. Not sure we approve but the newlywed looks happy, especially the groom so who are we to judge?

paintball wedding theme


When a bride decides to get married wearing a balloons dress, which is kind of unusual, if we wear in her shoes, or better yet, dress, will be super freaked to make large movement and go pup. Not ideal for wedding festivities.

wedding dress made of balloons


This bride is very connected to earth, the farms, and the animal’s farm, how else can you explain the resemblances of her dress and her sheep pet?

farm girl wedding dress


No wedding dress is too tacky for whoever goes for this one, it actually has lights sparkling, twinkling and showing the way to the altar.

sparkling lights wedding gown


This looks like a gypsy wedding gone slightly tackier than usual. The over the top dress looks like a princess teamed with a classy pink, neon pink lining. The position of the newlywed for this
photo-op just makes it all …slightly more ridiculous if that is even possible.

pretty in pink bride


This bride wanted an over the top dress and an over the top entrance when you combine the two with flammable fabric someone needs to stop her and call the firemen.

dress almost caught on fire


This bride is super romantic and love flowers, too bad for the allergic guest at the reception, trying to avoid her, can you imagine what will happen to her dress if each and every one of them sneezes?
wedding dress made out of flowers


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