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Feb 21, 2019

This Song About Older Ladies Is SO FUNNY, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Growing old is no picnic but at least we can still laugh about it. Entertainer Donnalou Steven has made a name for herself by making people feel good about themselves and sending her patented brand of positivity through her music. The viral hit “Older Ladies” pokes fun of the aging process with a host of comical lyrics and a snappy beat.

Stevens and her entourage of singers are sure to put a smile on your face as they detail all of the headaches that come along with aging. They might not be as perky as they once were, but at least they still have their sense of humor.

Here’s an incredibly fun video by Donnalou Stevens that will surely have you singing along. This song is absolutely infectious and you’ll definitely agree as soon as you hear it! The world can certainly use more songs like this.

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