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Nov 18, 2018

5 Things You Should Never Settle For

Do you feel like you often settle for less than you really deserve just because you’re afraid to change your situation? Leaving behind the things you are familiar with can seem scary, difficult, and uncomfortable.
But, living a life that doesn’t allow you to express your true personality, creativity, and potential will stifle your will to live and drive to succeed. You could even end up anxious or depressed just because you feel like you’re trapped.
Settling for less will make you live a life without passion, a life without ambitions, and a life without excitement. And, is that really a life? You should ask yourself if you are alive before your death?
It’s time to acknowledge your needs and desires, and embrace your powers and abilities and strive for more! Prove yourself that you can live the life you’ve always wanted.
Why settling for something less than you want and deserve? It’s time to stop your passive behavior and change things around.

Here are the most common things people settle for, and if you’re one of them, it’s time to stop!

1. Mediocrity

That insecure, negative voice in your head has always stopped you from doing the things you most wanted and to just settle. But, it’s time to take back control of your life and ignore that voice which represents your insecurity.
Believe in yourself and be more confident. It’s time to stop the fear of failure keeping you from pursuing your wishes and dreams. Strive for more and even if you fail, you can at least use that experience as a motivation to try even harder.
Change might be uncomfortable, but settling for something less than you deserve is even more unbearable.

2. Negative Relationships

People that constantly bring you down don’t deserve a place in your life. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with toxic people just because you know them for so long, or because they are a family member.
No one should bring negativity into your life, and only you can prevent that from happening. These are the kind of people that will lead you away from your hopes and dreams.

3. A Job You Hate

Ideally, working a job should feel like you don’t work at all. That’s if you work your dream job. Unfortunately, a lot of people settle for a job they don’t even like, or worse, hate. Even though most of them do this just to make ends meet, they should consider every possibility.
A job shouldn’t just pay the bills, but should also challenge, inspire, and fulfill you. Working a job you love will add value to your life. It will give you purpose. That’s why sometimes it’s better to quit a job that makes you miserable.
Yes, it will require hard work and dedication to succeed, but eventually, it will be worth it.

4. Living in a Place That Makes You Unhappy

Do you feel like you are stuck in the wrong place your whole life? The worst part is that you don’t do anything to change that just because you fear to leave the familiar places and people behind.
But, it’s even worse to settle somewhere you feel like you don’t belong. You should realize that life is short, and you shouldn’t spend a lot of time worrying if you have made the right decision or not.
Don’t hesitate to make the change you know you want. Try living in another neighborhood, city, or even country. Who knows, maybe some totally different place will suit you better?
You can never know if you don’t try, and in fact, every journey makes you a wiser and better person.

5. Playing by Someone Else’s Rules

Everyone has their own perspectives and opinions as we all see life through a different lens. That’s why you shouldn’t accept to live according to someone else’s standards about living.
Those standards might be ideal for that person, but totally wrong for you. Only you can decide how to live your life, so ignore everyone that tries to change your mind.


Promises to yourself or someone else

You told yourself you would do your best in school this year, but you find yourself procrastinating and taking the C when you know you could have gotten a B or even an A. It’s OK if you tried your hardest, but not if you know you could have done better.
You promised your friend or your boss you would do something for them, but then you cut corners and think “what they won’t know won’t hurt them.” But there’s this thing called integrity, and by not settling for mediocre, you’re upholding your own personal values. And those are not things you should be setting aside. Never settle for doing the bare minimum. Live up to your word.
Settling for less than you want is being conscientious and mindful of your money. Settling for less than you deserve is harmful to your physical and psychological health. Know the difference between the two, and never settle for something when you know you should be or could be doing better. You deserve the world and nothing less.

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