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Oct 11, 2018

Touching Video That Teaches Us Not to Judge Anyone!

People seem to be quicker than ever to pass judgment on each other. These judgments are seemingly endless and can involve a person’s appearance, the way he or she talks, or the clothes that are worn. We all commit this ugly act much too often and cause ourselves, along with others, needless harm by doing so.

After watching this video, your thoughts about judging others will surely be changed.
The video begins with a handsome young man spending five dollars to purchase five donuts. Next, he enters a waiting area where he will wait for his flight to leave. A much older man, with a full head of white hair pointing in every direction on his head, was already seated when the young man reached the table.

You will be hard-pressed to not assume the man to be homeless when you watch the video. Not so surprisingly, this is exactly the conclusion reached by the younger man.
The young man reached for the bag of donuts on the table and grabbed one to eat. The older man does the same not long after. The young man was annoyed that the old man reached into his bag of donuts but did not say anything out of respect for his age.
The young man resumes the reading of his newspaper until wanting another donut. When he pulls his second donut from the bag, the older man also takes a second donut.

The young man is really annoyed now but again was able to resist the urge to say something to the much older man. He is conscious of the fact now that he only has one donut remaining.

The flight of the older man was the first to ready for departure. When the old man stood to leave for his flight, he reached into the bag for the remaining donut. He broke the donut into two pieces and offered one-half of the donut to the younger man.
The young man was disbelieving at the audacity shown by the older man. He could not believe the final show of disrespect after showing such generosity. He was still able to hold his tongue while watching the older man walk away to catch his flight.

The young man simmered with anger a few minutes more. It was time to board his own flight. He lifted the travel bag he carried from the chair. That’s when he said his own bag of donuts had not been touched.
To his credit, the young man remained respectful when thinking that his donuts were being eaten by the ‘homeless’ man. However, it was truly the older man being patient and understanding with him. The lesson is not to make judgments based solely on appearance.

I am sure you will agree that it is refreshing to know that there are still truly nice, and non-judgemental people like the older man left in the world.

Everyone can benefit from the lessons taught by this video. It will be interesting to see what your friends and family think about the two men. Show them the video, and prepare for a great conversation.



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