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Oct 10, 2018

The Way You Point Your Finger Says A Lot About Your Personality

Your body and mind often reflect your thoughts. Many experts claim that the part of our brain that dominates our thought processes can be determined by studying body language.
Based on the way you point at something, people can be divided into three categories. Look at the image below and see which type you are.

1. Firmly closed, non-pointing fingers facing sideways

If you tend to point at something in this manner, then you are likely to be somebody who has a bold and practical personality. You are hardly ever held back from following your mind and what you hold true to yourself. You like to be strong in your approach to things, which might sometimes intimidate people who don’t know you.
Type A

You like to express your thoughts and feelings freely and directly. You hate it when people complicate things by lying. This also makes you almost immune to other peoples judgment. You have never relied on others to tell you what is appropriate and what is wrong. You are also known for your sense of justice.
You love freely and hardly care much about setting boundaries. You seek adventure from your romances and always like to keep things exciting. At the same time, you prefer to be in relationships that help you grow as a person. You like to learn from your experiences, be it bad or good. Hence, you don’t take much time to bounce back up from bad experiences.

2. Firmly closed, non-pointing fingers facing downwards

If this is the way you close your fingers, then you are likely to have an intuitive personality. You like to have keen observations on the things and happenings around you. Secrets do not escape you easily and people who know you often feel that they can confide in you.
Type B

You are self-reliant and try to have an objective approach in the things that you do. You know that exercising judgment comes with its responsibility, something you do not shy away from. You like to be independent and put hard work into your pursuit of knowledge. Being too open about your opinions and thoughts is something you only do with a close set of people. You treat knowledge with respect and a desire to live it. This also allows you to have many experiences which you learn from.
In relationships, you seek balance and stability. You know the value of security and your partner loves you for it. You pay attention to details that allow you to come up with some of the most nuanced surprises for the people you love. You like to make sure that you are deserving of the love you get which makes you a very lovable partner.

3. Partially closed, non-pointing fingers facing downwards

If you tend to have this way of pointing at things, then you are likely to be in touch with your emotions and feelings. You are a caring person with a lot of empathy and the desire to make things right.
Type C

You try to see the best in people and make it a point that you strive to be your best self, too. Even though you may face setbacks, you never seem to run out of hope. When things seem dark, your quick humor and wit always remind you that it’s never too bleak. Your friends come to you when they feel their problems are becoming too much for them to handle.
You an altruist at heart. But at the same time, it’s not easy to fool you. You not only process the information around you, but you also tend to perceive the emotions behind it. Furthermore, you are poised and calm in conflicts. Therefore, most of the times you have solutions while others may still be justifying their problems.
In relationships, you are an empathetic lover. You try to always be there for your partner’s emotional needs, and they hardly complain about your negligence. You are kind even when your heart is hurt, which is a very rare personality trait.

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