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Oct 11, 2018

22 Animals Who Just Can’t Hide Their Emotions for One More Second

Today, scientists still argue about whether or not animals can have emotions the way people do. But we do know that they can feel fear, joy, and even anger. And it’s written all over their “faces.”
At Michael_vx, we love our furry little friends and believe wholeheartedly that the animals on this list can beat the best actors when it comes to showing emotion.
1. Made you smile!
2. Being dreamy is not a sin.
3. “Call me cute one more time...”

4. Stand-up comedy’s biggest fan
5. A ridiculously photogenic gecko
6. We wish we could be this happy about the flowers!

7. A happy little good boy
8. “Jenny, that’s cringe-worthy...”
9. One gang everybody is afraid of

10. “What do you mean, I’m late?!”
11. “They see me rollin’, they hatin’...”
12. “He’s behind me, isn’t he?”

13. Even a king needs naps.
14. “My new nanny is who?”

15. “Noooooo!”
16. “Let’s get Oreos!”
17. “Come on! Take my picture!”

18. “Dude, you’re awesome!”
19. Fierce kitty
20. “I’m gonna fly for my pizza!”

21. “There will be NO crime in my quarters.”

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