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Sep 8, 2018

How A Woman’s Body Reacts To Not Being With The Right Man

At every moment of every day, your body is constantly speaking to you. Unfortunately, because many people live a stressful and chaotic life, they don’t fully understand their own body language. There are three types of body materials (mental, emotional and physical); but we are much closer to the physical aspect of our body. For example: how a woman’s body reacts to being with the wrong man strains from physical body material. Below are some examples of how a woman’s body reacts to being with the wrong man.

1. You’re Smiling Less When You’re Alone

According to the Huffington Post, one of the body signs that you’re with the wrong person is if you’re not smiling when you think about the person while spending time by yourself. You might be able to lie to other people regarding your happiness, but the one person you cannot lie to is yourself. They add that if you are feeling down when you’re not around them (not because you miss them), then it could be a sign that you need to be true to yourself about your real feelings towards them.

2. No Self-Esteem

Not only should a woman’s man make her feel happy, but he should also make her feel good about herself. Eharmony states that when a woman is with a man, her self-esteem should be at an all-time high. So if her confidence is completely destroyed and she is doubting herself constantly, it’s a sure sign that she is not with the right man. Our body only wants the best for us, which is why it sends out signs and signals to warn us.

3. Emotionally Exhausted

If a woman is in a thoughtful and healthy relationship, she should feel energized with her man. If she is emotionally and mentally drained, her body will begin to feel exhausted as well and won’t portray the slightest bit of energy around him, according to the Huffington Post.

4. A Mind In Denial

Every woman looks at their relationship carefully. Not one woman can say that she hasn’t convinced herself that something is right when it’s clearly not, says Eharmony. If a woman is in a healthy relationship with her man, she should never have to convince herself that she is doing the right thing by staying with him. But if she is constantly trying to convince herself to stay, chances are she is likely with the wrong man. Our mind can play tricks on us, but our body can feel when something is wrong.

5. You Neglect Yourself

When a woman is in a relationship with her man, she also has to maintain the relationship with herself. But if she ends up choosing the man over herself, she has either given in or given up on the relationship she had with herself, according to Psychology Today. This ties into denial; maybe she has convinced herself that being with this man is what will make her become a better person. So she uses this to justify why she has changed herself.

6. You’re Witnessing A Relationship Instead Of Being In One

Many people get to a point in their life where they let life happen instead of living it the way they want. This is especially true in relationships. Many women succumb to the feeling of being “taken” so they go through the motions of remembering anniversaries and buying gifts for their man. But a lot of this is just information remembered and not coming from passion, says Psychology Today.

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