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Oct 6, 2018

“EYE” Personality Test: Choose an Eye and Find out What It Reveals about Your Personality!

Choose an eye from the image below. Make sure you choose the one you like the most.
Simply Choose an Eye from the Image Below and Find out What It Reveals about Your Personality:

If you chose the first eye, then you may be open.

You are the kind of person that welcomes almost anyone into your heart and life. Moreover, you think that you should take a risk and get hurt rather instead of closing yourself off to the world. Additionally, you do not show others your insecurities or fears. You are there for anyone, because helping other people is the way you heal. Also, you think that you are able to deal with your problems privately.

If you chose the second eye, you may be conscientious.

You are the kind of person that tries to make a good impression as well as does the right thing. Furthermore, you think that your actions make a difference in the lives of others, regardless of how small or great they are. You do not show others how upset and worried you are although you often see injustice and misery. You try to be the best person possible.

If you chose the third eye, you may be tortured.

You are the kind of person that has a tumultuous past, which still affects you now. You want to find peace wherever you can. You believe that life is some kind of sick cosmic joke. You do not show others your darkest thoughts. You pick yourself up when you fall. Sometimes, your outlook is surprisingly sunny.

If you chose the fourth eye, you may be philosophical.

You are the kind of person that over thinks almost anything. Sometimes, you get lost in your own thoughts. You try to get to the deeper meaning of everything. But, you do not show others that you are unsure about everything. You believe life is a puzzle, and you want to play with the pieces until you fit them together.

If you chose the fifth eye, you may be mysterious.

You are the kind of person that has not figured yourself out. Your mood changes every day. Moreover, you do not show the others much about yourself. You only say things that you’re actually sure of. You typically learn about and observe others before you chime in.

If you chose the sixth eye, you may be sensitive.

You are the kind of person that doesn’t forget anything and notices everything. You feel deeply, which means you may be affected by a silly thing. You can be easily brought to tears or laughter. However, you do not show others how fragile you are. Instead, you show them how insightful you are. You often anticipate what will happen in your life.

If you chose the seventh eye, you may be fiery.

You are the kind of person that is always passionate or energetic. You believe that nothing is subtle. You actually hate or love everything. You do not show others that you are anxious. You have many opinions as well as usually make up your mind. You are often nervous because you have plenty of energy.

If you chose the eighth eye, you may be eccentric.

You are the kind of person that has unusual practices, interests, and beliefs. That’s why you have always been a weirdo. You do not pay too much attention to tradition or rules. You actually do everything your way. You also show others almost anything about you. You simply laugh off people that try to judge you.

If you chose the ninth eye, you may be intuitive.

You are the kind of person that understands the world and others. You are able to tell so much from other people’s tone of voice or facial expressions. That’s why you know when someone is lying to you. You show others exactly what you want to show. What’s more, you also know when someone is trying to manipulate you. Also, you know how to manipulate others if you have to.

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