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Sep 29, 2018

Mom’s Response After Being Called In For Her Daughter’s Misbehavior Is Incredible

Disciplining a child can be a hard thing to do. Parents like to think of their children as the best versions of themselves, and hearing that their child may or may not have done something wrong can put parents in a confusing position. On one hand, they want to stand up for their child, but on the other, if they know their child has done something wrong, the only answer is to discipline them.
Some parents are extremely strict with disciplining their children, while others may be a little bit more relaxed.
Recently a mother was called to her daughter’s school because she had been misbehaving. You’ll be surprised at her response.
An ER nurse received a phone call from her daughter’s school one day while she was at work. When she spoke with the principal, she was told that her daughter had hit another student.

The girl’s mother was very upset. She rushed to the school immediately to pick up her daughter and discipline her for misbehaving.

When she arrived at the school, she entered the principal’s office. In the principal’s office was her daughter, a teacher, a counselor, the principal, and the student who had been hit. His parents were also there with him.

The girl’s mother apologized for being late and waited for the principal to tell her what happened.

The girl’s mother soon learned that the reason her daughter had punched the boy in the face was because he had pinched her daughter’s bra.

Soon she began to understand that the principal and the boy’s parents were more upset with her daughter for her actions than for the boy’s own actions.

“And you want to know if I’m going to press charges against him for sexually assaulting my daughter and against the school for allowing him to do it?” She said.

The adults in the room became nervous at once, telling her not to overreact. “I think you’re missing the point,” the principal told her.

The girl’s mother turned to her daughter to get her side of the story.

“He kept pinging my bra. I asked him to stop but he didn’t, so I told my teacher. He told me to ignore it. The boy did it again and undid my bra so I hit him. Then he stopped,” she said.

“You let him do this? Why didn’t you stop him? Come over here and let me touch the front of your trousers,” her mother responded, turning to the boy.
“Does that seem inappropriate to you? Why don’t you go and pull on the counselor’s bra right now? See how fun it is for her. Or on that boy’s mom’s bra. Or mine. You think just because they’re kids it’s fun?” She continued.
“With all due respect, your daughter still beat another child,” the principal responded.
“No. She defended herself against a sexual attack from another pupil. Look at them. He’s a foot taller than her and twice as heavy. How many times should she have let him touch her? If the person who was supposed to help and protect her in a classroom couldn’t be bothered what should she have done? He pulled her bra so hard it came undone.”

At this point, the girl and her mother left. The mother ended up reporting the incident to the superintendent, who promised that it would be dealt with.

Although it’s never right to physically harm anyone, this mother did what she could to defend her daughter. She stood up for what she thought was right, and in doing so taught us that being treated with disrespect by any person is never acceptable.

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