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Sep 10, 2018

9 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate

During times of grand transformation, most of us have realized that we must change our lives dramatically as these times call for transparency, bravery, and honesty. If you love yourself, you will never tolerate any toxic behavior.
9 Behaviors No Self-Respecting Person Should Ever Tolerate

1. People Pleasing
At the end of the day, you should go with your gut feeling and do things that make you happy. Don’t try to convince other people; they’ll just attempt to tear you down most of the time, as well as give you many reasons why you should not follow your heart. You must rise above other people’s opinions, and do things that feel right to you.
2. A Negative View of Themselves
Your thoughts need to align with your goals if you want your reality to look more positive. Having a positive relationship with yourself allows you to see countless opportunities wherever you go. Self-respecting people always think positive and nourish themselves with goals, relationship, and positive thoughts.
3. Remaining Stagnant
The world we live in seems pretty scary; so many people choose to remain in their safety net for long. But, if you don’t leave your comfort zone, you cannot grow and learn new things. Self-respecting individuals push the boundaries in order to keep evolving.

4. Trying to Fit In
Following the herd is the worst thing you can do when it comes to growing and learning. To develop as a person and keep learning new things, you need to trust your instincts and feel more comfortable in our own skin.
5. Working at A Soul-Sucking Job
Many people work at a job which they cannot stand just to pay the bills. However, this drains you and you end up feeling miserable. Self-respecting individuals follow their calling and refuse to be a statistic. If their job doesn’t support their emotional and mental well-being, they don’t hesitate a moment to leave it.
6. Neglecting Your Health
Keep in mind that feeling good does start and end with you; nobody else can take charge of your health for you. In case you do not feel well emotionally, mentally, or physically, you should make some changes.
In fact, change does not happen overnight, it happens slowly with actionable steps. You must put your health first, as without it, you cannot enjoy life to the fullest.

7. Overly Controlling Relationships
If you are in a toxic relationship and your partner dictates every aspect of your life, LEAVE! According to an article on the topic “Toxic relationships can exist in any kind of relationship, and they are bad for your health..”
You deserve to be in a relationship which improves your well-being and supports your growth and learning process. In other words, you should never let a person bring you down or control your life.
8. Being Lazy
In today’s world, you’ve probably let you computer, smartphone, and tablet entertain you most of the time. You have lost your motivation since it does seem easier to sit in front of a screen than go out to accomplish things. But, you shouldn’t let yourself become complacent; you should keep working hard toward your goals and using self-discipline and self-control to your advantage.
9. Not Choosing Happiness
A large number of people settle for less than what they deserve in the world, since they feel comfortable in their current situation, or they do not value themselves highly enough. But, you should always choose what makes you the happiest, no matter what you must do to get there. You should not place any limits on your life, as magic exists in this world.

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