Oct 13, 2018

Can You Spot The Missing Number? Not Many Can Do It In Under 10s!

Our brain frequently plays tricks on us whenever we are looking at groups of numbers because it assumes that the group of numbers is in consecutive order. Are you focused enough to notice the missing number in the below series? Maybe that’s too easy for you! Do you think you can make it in just 10 seconds? Let’s find out!
Note: The answer is provided below!
So, were you able to crack it in just 10 seconds? I bet it was tougher than you thought! In case you’re having a hard time cracking this brainteaser, you don’t have to worry because we’ll help you!
Here is the solution:
NOT JUST THAT! Did your brain stop working there or did you notice that there’s a second missing number?
Were you able to solve it? How long did it take you to find the missing numbers? Please share it with us in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this brainteaser with your family and friends for them to have a minute of distraction!
Source: apost.com


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