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Sep 11, 2018

What Do Your Fingernails Say About Your Personality

Believe it or not, different fingernails reveal different personality traits. In this article, we have described what each one stands for.
Just as thoughts and actions are a part of a person’s personality, so are their physical features. Your features are a part of you that you are aware of. You see them every day, and even if you aren’t aware, your personality is incorporated into your physical features to make you exactly who you are. Sometimes, even the smallest of features can reveal a lot about a person, especially about their personality. In this article, we will discuss how the shapes of your fingernails can reveal bits about your personality.

1. Nails That Are Vertically Long
A creative soul, you are imaginative and calm. You have an even temper, which makes you gentle and more observant and able to see things that other people simply overlook. Because of your gentle spirit, you can pay better attention to finer details, and you tend to be a perfectionist. A dreamer in both day and night, you have a more romantic view of life than a logical sense.
2. A Broad-Sided Nail
A thinker, you have a better grip on your emotions, and though you might be a little short tempered, you never really lose your cool. Your straightforward way of thinking is perhaps the best part of your personality. Those who appreciate your forwardness will understand you, and those who do not appreciate you should take a step back. You would honestly rather speak a truth even if it is harsh than tell a kind lie to someone.
3. Nails That Are Rounded
Happy and relaxed, you have no reason to be worried because you have things under control. Typically, you are a laid-back sort of person, and you are sensitive in your thinking. You can solve a problem with unique ideas, and you never let anyone see you hurting. Your smiling side is the one everyone sees. You have a lot of courage for when your life gets tough. You don’t get knocked down; you smile and face it.
4. Nails Shaped Like Triangles
You are smart, shrewd, and alert. Your keen eye for details in impeccable, especially when it comes to others’ personalities. You understand people better than anyone else through their actions. You always seek the evidence for your decisions, and the truth is not something you take lightly. If you get upset, you never let anyone see, and you would rather people know you by what you do instead of what you say.
5. Nails That Are Square
You’ve got guts, and since you are a natural leader, you are inspiring through your example. You don’t use people as a stepping stone for your success, but rather you bring people with you on your journey. You don’t chase after glory either, but you accept any glory with a humble face. You might seem very serious, but you are good-natured. People love your humility.
6. An Inverted-Triangular Shaped Nail
You are unique since you are a mix of many different personality traits. You can be warm if you want, but cold if you need to be. You are calm in certain situations and impulsive in others. The extreme living is your calling, and mediocrity makes your cringe. Perfectionist is often a name used to describe you, but that is because you go for all or nothing. Additionally, you would lay down your life for those you love, but you are quick to leave if people betray your trust.
7. Almond Nails
Loyal beyond measure, you are the most trustworthy person in the book. You also expect trust from others, which makes you more apt to understand how to earn someone’s trust and how to remain loyal to that person. Manipulation and betrayal break your heart. You have a way of simplifying difficult tasks or things that other people may not understand, and you are polite while still being firm. You can handle even the most difficult of situations.
8. Sword Nails
You live life on the edge. You balance the extremes, and you are great at finding the midway point. Your comfort zone does not make you comfortable, and you are always seeking to push the boundaries so you can grow further. You know how to handle difficult situations with delicacy, and you seek partners who challenge you as well.

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